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> So Anonymous0wn3r or whoever was just claiming responsibility for something they had no hand in?

Yeah, with a name/handle like Anonymous0wn3r they sound very trustworthy. If they claimed they had a hand in something, it must be true.

I don't trust Anonymous0wn3r but I distrust GoDaddy just the same. Of course those aren't the only two answers, it could have been external and not Anonymous0wn3r as well.

But didn't he announce the attack before-hand?

Got a link on that?


Not sure if those tweets were actually from before it happened.

I searched for those tweets mentioned in the Techcrunch article (first from GoDaddy and first from AnonymousOwn3r on this topic) and the time stamps are:

* GoDaddy: 10:35 AM - 10 Sep 12

* AnonymousOwn3r: 11:57 AM - 10 Sep 12

So, AnonymousOwn3r does not seem to have announced the attack before it happened.

Links to tweets:

* https://twitter.com/GoDaddy/status/245213898683318272

* https://twitter.com/AnonymousOwn3r/status/245234582205652992

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