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Foxconn Using Forced Student Labour to make iPhones (nytimes.com)
9 points by mef 1898 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

1) Students come from vocational schools that train students for skilled factory labour.

2) This isn't an iPhone assembly line.

3) NY Times shouldn't be publishing BS a week after it has been dismissed as BS http://www.theverge.com/2012/9/6/3297995/forced-to-work-on-t...

4) NY Times acknowledges that their source is BS by quoting another media outlet mentioning that it is a cable assembly line.

5) I can't comment on the electronics industry but such practices are very common in China as the vocational schools are actually ran by major manufacturers.

Who's to blame? Apple for creating such demand for a large launch within a short period of time, or Foxconn for accepting such demand?

I'll go with Foxconn - you shouldn't be accepting contracts from multiple vendors if you don't have the manpower.

The story is crap, but I frankly I think a number of people would be interested in buying an iPhone 5 in kit form. Granted with modern circuitry it would be pretty insane to have neophytes try to hand solder BGA package-on-package chips but if you look at the phone from the iFixit perspective (just the major assemblies) that would be fun.

Why this is news to anybody? If you are surprised or disturbed by this news you have not been in touch with the life in 3rd world.

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