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"am just trying to understand it"

Ok here's why I support a major party candidate (spoilers: O-bot) despite said candidates inability to spin cloth to gold:

(1) You can hardly expect either of the two major candidates to mirror your views on all issues. That doesn't make them evil choices.

(2) Throwing away every other issue over a pet issue seems like a bad idea. Obama mirrors my stance on many issues. Many of them I feel are vastly more important than internet privacy.

(3) The actual issue at hand is a lot more complex than the EFF party line lets on. The reality is that cybersecurity threats from you know who are as real a threat to your freedoms as whatever the us government is going to do with your private data. Sorting out the intersection of freedoms pulling in different directions is always hard.

(3a) That said, if we have to do something we can do a lot better then Lieberman/Collins and this Executive Order/PDD is a fundamentally worse proposition, no matter if it's more lenient in a few details, because these trade offs should to be done openly through the legislature.

(4) Romney's alternative energy plan is cold fusion.

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