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The specific laws this admittedly "non-friendly" (which honestly, to me, was already kind of ludicrous and should not engender a positive response: the OP is simply calling out everyone who browses this forum as people he feels need to be reminded to follow laws, a stance that can only be construed as insulting) rant that started this discussion (and that I am thereby responding to) is discussing have absolutely nothing to do with sending large quantities of email: it has to do with specific ways that the user must have available to unsubscribe from continued messages coming from the same source.

This unsubscribe requirement is fundamentally, and frankly quite obviously, not superior to a killlist from the perspective of a normal user for the companies that the law could possibly apply to: it is unnecessary and does not solve a problem we actually have. Your comments about how this stops anyone, anywhere, from sending "massive amounts of spam", therefore, need to be defended, as otherwise they seem off-topic.

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