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What you're saying is odd, because I own a first.last@gmail.com email address and I know the person that owns the equivalent firstlast@gmail.com email address.

Also, the email address to which the message was sent appears clearly in the "To:" header.

This is not Gmail's designed or advertised behavior.


Either you or your friend is misspelling their address (more common than you might think, I get opt-in mailing-list mail for myaddress@gmail.com, intended for myaddress@ymail.com), or you've encountered a bug.

You can put periods inside the username part of a gmail address and it still gets through. I'm not sure how what you're saying could be true? Maybe it wasn't always this way.

funny. Because if you own the address halfarsed@gmail.com, I thought you also own half.arsed@gmail.com.

The dots are for you to play around with, but the mail all goes to one account. Or, at least, that's how it works with my account.

Early first.last@gmail accounts had firstlast@gmail reserved for them. Google stopped doing that a few years after launch.

Are you certain? Im under the impression periods in email addresses, anywhere, do not affect delivery


Periods in gmail addresses to not affect delivery. other mail servers may behave differently.

I had no idea they stopped doing that! That seems a pretty serious change of model, I'm glad I know it now.

They didn't stop.

I thought it was the other way around: mail to firstlast@gmail.com will be delivered to first.last@gmail.com unless firstlast@gmail.com was registered early on.

Not always.

Google's own google-content-api-for-shopping@googlegroups.com mailing list has this as the "To:" field:


And at the bottom of the message:

To unsubscribe from this group, send an empty message.

I had to ctrl-u and check the "Delivered-To:" and "X-Forwarded-For:" headers before I could unsubscribe.

(I'd tried to unsubscribe previously but the subscribed email account forwards to my main account so replying with an empty message didn't work. This thread prompted me to dig a little deeper and finally get one less piece of email per day - thanks HN!)

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