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It's not just startups. Why does Google get away with this with their "Name Here wants to chat" invite emails? I have an address that at this point must have received hundreds of these emails, none of which have instructions on how to block them. Partial example: http://cl.ly/image/3y3D0f2r0W0q

I don't know whether this is a separate case under the relevant laws, but you're getting that email because your contact explicitly clicked the "Invite to chat" button in Gmail. Arguably, Google is sending those emails on behalf of your contact.

Speaking of Google, every mailbox I have is subscribed to a dozen Google Groups full of Arabic-language spam. These are mailboxes on my own domains, that don't have Google Groups or Google Account accounts. Anyone can add you to a group and start spamming you through Google, repeated "report this group as spam" reports don't stop new mails from arriving, and the only way to unsubscribe is to create a Google Account with that mailbox then leave the group.

Does that mail get labelled Inbox, or Spam, when it is first delivered?

I guess because they're user initiated and not automated?

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