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Certainly... if not in who gets hired, then at least in what hires get paid.

Would you care to provide some evidence for this claim?

For what claim? Unless you're a WASP, you know that discrimination still exists. I don't see why startups would be automatically immune to this until they have explicit policies in place ensuring proper equal treatment.

I was unaware that Catholics get paid less than Protestants in the startup world.

More on point, our cultural norms are a little funky. I don't feel really that their should be any degree at a university where there are 20x the number of male students than female students. However, in the computer science world, this is probably the case. This isn't from direct discrimination, but as I said, from cultural standards. Perhaps we should try to be more welcoming to women in the technology field in general.

Parent implied that female startup hires get paid less than their male counterparts. This is not something that can be proved "a priori", regardless of the presence of discrimination (or "WASPS") in the world.

For the US, I thought the converse was directly provable with empirical data. Don't you have a far sronger argument than you are using?

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