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Do something outrageous. Something so big, so daring that people will not have an option but to cover the story. Though this takes balls/ovaries of steel and a clear and defined strategy to reduce to amount of negative press you will get. It should also be done off-line, as in outside. Internet news get less coverage than real world news. If your outrageous idea happens somewhere real (like in San Francisco) then people will be able to relate to time/place where the news happened. Something that is lost on cyber space.

Just don't do anything too crazy. You don't want to go to jail or hurt anybody. Keep it legal and moral, and you should be on your way.


Also, giving early access to smaller blogs/bloggers will allow you to create a given amount of buzz around the product. When reporters research your offerings (using Google for 99.99% of the work), they will get a lot of favorable hits about your product from these smaller blogs. Plus since they are smaller, they dont take away from the big news chance they might have with your story. Just be careful about who you contact, and be aware that some people will write about anything. They might write nicely about you in one post, and then praise Hitler in the next thus putting you in very very very very bad light.

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