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kamens 586 days ago | link | parent

It's not as "hack"-y as a HN reader might like, but the bottom line is you should help your journalist tell a story. That's their job, so make it easy.

When we launched Precorder, we got little (and so-so) press by describing a newly launched app w/ X Y and Z features.

When we started telling writers that we saw the camera technology used to capture great white sharks jumping out of the ocean and ported it to iPhones, we were covered by Kottke (http://kottke.org/11/01/precorder) and other influential photography bloggers who immediately triggered a long wave of follow-up press.

missechokit 586 days ago | link

This, this, this. If you subtly lay out the possible angles and all the interesting data for a journalist, they will be that much more likely to cover your product. Don't make them do too much research.


huhtenberg 586 days ago | link

From the link -

  This video is no longer available because the 
  uploader has closed their YouTube account


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