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Just honestly build these relationships. I use Twitter and events to do it, just speak to journalists honestly about what you're working on without full on pitches.

Roughly 25 useful tech journalists are following my progress via Twitter and I regularly reply offering my perspective on stories. With a few from time to time I'll ask for their advice when they can add value and eventually when I have something fit for a piece I'll get in touch having already validated my experience and progress.

It's much better than cold emailing asking for a story about your launch. They want to help you but you have to help them finding a story out of your launch. If they know a little about your history it will help this is why building a prior relationship helps.

Upvoted becuase this is the sinsible approach to the issue. Though it takes time and the OP may not have enough time to nurture a relationship. Good points regarding how to interface with the press.

How did you start? How did you get the 25 journalists to follow you? Did you start replyng to their tweets on Twitter?

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