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Looking at mattresses without flame-retardent led me to this provider: http://www.whitelotus.net/green-cotton-rx/

Turns out you'll need a doctor's prescription to even order a plain cotton mattress. Yet another perfectly reasonable regulation from our friends in the California Legislature! :)

My least-favorite CA regulation has to do with eye-glasses. I lost my only pair and went in to get a replacement on a Saturday, but I couldn't because my (perfectly fine) prescription had expired. I had to make an appointment to get an exam in order to get new glasses, but they were closed for the weekend and booked for a few days.

So I spent about a week with headaches because some CA legislator decided it was in my best interest to pay some practitioner to get the same prescription for glasses every year.

"So I spent about a week with headaches because some ophthalmology trade group lobbied (bribed) the legislature to get profit-enhancing regulations in place."


The thing I hate about articles like this is that the path to snarky redditisms is very, very direct.

I'm not disagreeing with your message, I'm disagreeing with the delivery.

I'm getting tired of hearing all of this HN bashing and complaining lately.

Are there any states that don't have a requirement of a current prescription to purchase glasses? I've had the same issue in Texas [1], which usually considers itself small-government.

[1] cf. http://www.tob.state.tx.us/tobrx.htm

I've ordered glasses from the internet here in Georgia maybe a dozen times without them requiring verification of prescription.

Contacts do require one though.

Don't know if the company is just skirting regulation or if it doesn't exist, however.

Texas is hardly small government.

I would call them more right-wing conservatives (neo-cons really).

If you know what your prescription is, you could order online from a place like Zenni Optical (where my wife gets her glasses). I'm not sure about PA, but here in PA, it's illegal for an optometrist to withold information about your prescription. She got her eyes checked, had to push a little to get her prescription, and then bought her glasses online.

Exact same experience in Texas; had to ask optometrist to specifically mark down all required information (pupillary distance was missing) and then went to Zenni to get my glasses.

(Oh my god, we sound like a couple of shills.)

You should have ordered online.

> Turns out you'll need a doctor's prescription to even order a plain cotton mattress.

Alternatively, you can order one of the cotton/latex/wool mattresses that don't have any flame retardents. The most popular is Naturepedic. However, such a mattress will set you back $2200 for the most basic queen.

I loathe the requirement of a current prescription for glasses. Corrupt bureaucracy at its usual tricks.

What I wonder: Is it illegal to make a bed out of flame-retardant free cotton balls?

Are self-created fire hazards in your home illegal? Because that's PROBABLY what it would be considered.


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