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Ask HN: Anyone Hiring Real Engineers?
28 points by MaxwellM on Sept 7, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments
I was wondering if there are any companies that were hiring non software related engineers?

Are there any startups that are looking for Mechanical, Electrical or even Civil and Industrial Engineers? Or is HN not quite the platform for that?

Please forgive the implications of the title - I did not mean to imply that a developer or back end engineer is any less of an engineer.

Checkout http://www.haxlr8r.com/companies/, I bet some of them are hiring. (HAXLR8R is a venture fund which focuses on hardware startups.)

With the deluge of hardware Kickstarter projects, I'd be surprised if some of them don't have positions for EE's.

* btw - i love that hardware hacking is getting popular again

I'm half way through my Motorsport Design Engineering bachelor's degree course and while doing that I'm writing software for clients and for my own projects.

I'm hoping that I can use both my education and software skills after graduation. Preferably in my own business.

Double Robotics is hiring! We are looking for both an electrical engineer and an embedded systems programmer, each with experience in motor control algorithms and robotics. jobs@doublerobotics.com

Amahi is hiring a mech engineer with some design chops to lead an exciting project related to our software! jobs at amahi dot org!

There definitely are. You just have to look at the right companies.

Petroleum is hiring.

Are there startups/entrepreneurs in this industry? Seems like a tough industry to be an underdog.

If you dress like an engineer, you are an engineer :)

But you are a real engineer only if you are an Mechanical, Chemical, Civil or Industrial, otherwise you are probably digital / unreal ?

As an Industrial Engineering major, the old joke was that "IE" stands for "Imaginary Engineering".

You beat me to it! Reading the title that's what I initially thought, that a 'real' engineer is limited to said fields above?

Is there a proper, PC term for it? We all know the dividing line which is meant- roughly approximated by a PE license- but is there a term for it? "Licensed Engineer"?

In some states, using the word "engineer" for a non-licensed position or person is against the law. In other words, in some states the term is simply "engineer".

In that context, it's funny how upset folks in threads like these get over phrases like "real engineer".

Fantasy Engineer.

New Business Cards

I assumed when OP said "real engineer" they meant "drives a train". They must come from "Real America".

There are tons of mechanical, electrical, and other non-software engineering positions open in the US and abroad. Are you good at what you do? Better than most? Able to not come off as a tool in interviews and writing (you failed this one here, btw)?

And yes, HN is probably the wrong place to look for a civil engineering job. You should probably, I dunno, check civic job boards? Asce.org?

Every engineering profession has at least one significant "society" or non-profit group. Join it, they have a job board.

I'm sure you've read the regular postings on HN bemoaning how the eternal september is setting in, and how it is descending to the level of all other internet forums. This answer is a perfect example.

If you don't have anything helpful to add (you didn't - unlike olalonde, cpg, ...) then don't post. Rescuing HN is as simple as that.

Seconded. All the more so since OP explicitly mentioned he "did not mean to imply that a developer or back end engineer is any less of an engineer."

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