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When you fund a Kickstarter project, you're investing in the project.

If it does not fully fund, you receive a refund from Kickstarter.

If it does, your funds go to the project, who are on their best effort to successfully launch the project.

You are NOT, however, directly purchasing a reward. You receive a reward as a gift for helping to fund at a given level.

Are you unable to read? The T&C, as quoted, very clearly states that the project creator is required to fulfil the reward or they must refund the backer.

And for those backers not at a reward level?

But you ignore the bigger problem. How are you, as a Backer, able to require a refund because a Project breached its terms with Kickstarter?

Under what penalty? Plenty of Kickstarter projects have gone unfulfilled with no refunds.

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