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This means they lost all the credit card numbers.

I am a customer and would LOVE to cancel but they have us by the shorts.

Switching billing systems is a nightmare and they know it.

I wish recurly would go under because of this (only after I switch).

It's really not that hard to switch from Recurly, since they will send your stores credit cards (if they have recovered them) to another provider.

About a year ago we had a problem with Recurly and were dissatisfied with their attitude toward the problem (they seemed to have a "crap happens and we fix things fast" attitude instead of a "that should never have happened with good engineering" attitude). We switched to Braintree over the course of about 5 weeks, and Recurly was very helpful in getting the credit card numbers over (which took about 10 days total, as there was some kind of communications issue at the beginning, but we got everything straight).

I would not recommend Recurly, but it isn't true that they "have you by the shorts"--they'll help you leave their service.

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