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> On the other hand, this is a long established business.

8Faces has been in print since 2010. That's a great start. It's not a really long time. Issue 5 is ready to pre-order. (Weirdly the author claims that they don't really do pre-orders, but on the website there is a huge banner telling people that they can pre-order issue 5.)

Magazine publishing is notoriously tricky, especially in the UK.

> Why can't Paypal treat them more respectfully as there's plenty of trading history. Why are there no mechanisms for establishing real identities that are much stronger than what they seem to be doing?

This is an excellent point. I can understand why Paypal don't have customer reps for every little nickel and dime trader, but a magazine doing £15,000 per issue is reasonably substantial amount of money. It'd be great if Paypal could establish identities (interviews? documentation?) and build relationships with the honest traders that use the service.

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