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A friend of mine shot this in Helsinki. Low lighting conditions, Nokia style.

Well there you go, case closed.

Thanks. Updated. I'd like to credit him, if he has a preferred link.

His request: please add copyright johaee (at) gmail.com. Don't remove the watermark in the image.

Site www.standard.at uses photo with almost completely removed watermark - just wanted to let you know (full link http://derstandard.at/1345166647161/Nokias-PR-Desaster-Auch-...).

I can't see the photo in there, have they changed it? All I can see is a link to this thread.

In the meanwhile they removed it from the article. But here's the link where you can still find the manipulated photo on their server: http://images.derstandard.at/2012/09/10/1345248927798.jpg

The internet is amazing.

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