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Cheers! Great venue and the best startup conference in town. Startup School is by far the best startup conference in the Bay Area, and I say that as a 20-something startup founder that mostly still finds increased social connection with 20-something startup founders more compared to wizened 30-something serial entrepreneurs, media people, employees, and successful failures. It's a good thing Startup School is going to get a lot bigger this year because it's unfortunate that so many people always were rejected.

It's actually very difficult to find a venue of this size in the Bay Area, though particularly in San Francisco. I say this as both an ex ticket scalper and an event promoter for a large Bay Area event that is coming up.

By the way, please come to my event (the Singularity Summit!) www.singularitysummit.com Use coupon code HACKERNEWS for a discount on tickets.

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