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WWW SQL Designer (zarovi.cz)
44 points by kqr2 on Jan 24, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

Wow - it's fast, it's clean, it's intuitive (at least for the target group). I'd say its awesome!

Why don't you make it a business, Ondřej?

Btw. you also did some pretty amazing other stuff

This could help a team of developers working on a project to collaborate on a design (real-time multiuser table editing maybe?) or keep track of revisions/branches to the data model. Think Writeboard for databases. Make a premium version that generates change scripts and sell it for $10/user/month. I wish I had done it first! Great job, Mr. Žára!

This is great, but if you use OS X and need a more powerful solution, I would recommend http://www.malcolmhardie.com/sqleditor/.

I keep the DB schema of my current project open at all times. When I change something in the database, I immediately make the change in SQLEditor (and vice versa). This is a recent change in my workflow, but so far it has reduced errors when moving from our development to live environments and reduced the time needed to look up obscure fields or relationships.

I thought "nice Flash" work, then I realized -- it's not! Nice canvas work, it's very smooth!

Looks like its not canvas either, but svg.

I'm sort of confused what the difference is. Care to enlighten us?

This is really cool... how long did it take to make this?

It's also a featured GAE project.


Quality site. Really well done.

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