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This is probably not a lot of data (billing information, 20M users * 2k ~ 40GB) and should have been stored in immutable snapshots down @ the 5 or 1 minute mark with those encrypted snapshots being checksummed and replicated to different systems. Each new entry to go into a distributed replicated log. Double entry book keeping (immutable data structure with checksums) has been around from what, the 1300s?

They should have been using chaos monkey, http://techblog.netflix.com/2012/07/chaos-monkey-released-in...

The name just got cutesy with people's money, when they shoulda been getting cutesy with good design, stuff fails. But systems shouldn't fail that handle money. There _will_ be breakage of customer accounts, there will be no getting around that. Look on the bright side, people finally have a chance to not-reup services they don't need.

You seem to know more about this than me, but from the post it appears like their data is just fine but the keys to decrypt it are gone/corrupt.

If there is no major flaw in their encryption system, it means same as if the data was lost...

At this point, it remains unclear how much of this data will be retrievable.

They may have a lot of encrypted data backed up that they can't decryption because both their primary and backup decryption devices broke. It may seem stupid not to have offsite backups of this, but it may be considered safer than allowing key's to get into the wild.

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