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@pg: How many hackers attend each year? I forget to count ;)

Dinkelspiel holds 715 but Mem Aud holds 1715.

Cheers! Great venue and the best startup conference in town. Startup School is by far the best startup conference in the Bay Area, and I say that as a 20-something startup founder that mostly still finds increased social connection with 20-something startup founders more compared to wizened 30-something serial entrepreneurs, media people, employees, and successful failures. It's a good thing Startup School is going to get a lot bigger this year because it's unfortunate that so many people always were rejected.

It's actually very difficult to find a venue of this size in the Bay Area, though particularly in San Francisco. I say this as both an ex ticket scalper and an event promoter for a large Bay Area event that is coming up.

By the way, please come to my event (the Singularity Summit!) www.singularitysummit.com Use coupon code HACKERNEWS for a discount on tickets.

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