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2012 Startup School, Oct 20 at Stanford (startupschool.org)
181 points by pg 1726 days ago | hide | past | web | 40 comments | favorite

I'm happy to say that this year we're moving to a bigger venue. Instead of Dinkelspiel we're going to be in Memorial Auditorium, which is more than 2x bigger. Many thanks to the Stanford administration for that.

@pg: How many hackers attend each year? I forget to count ;)

Dinkelspiel holds 715 but Mem Aud holds 1715.

Cheers! Great venue and the best startup conference in town. Startup School is by far the best startup conference in the Bay Area, and I say that as a 20-something startup founder that mostly still finds increased social connection with 20-something startup founders more compared to wizened 30-something serial entrepreneurs, media people, employees, and successful failures. It's a good thing Startup School is going to get a lot bigger this year because it's unfortunate that so many people always were rejected.

It's actually very difficult to find a venue of this size in the Bay Area, though particularly in San Francisco. I say this as both an ex ticket scalper and an event promoter for a large Bay Area event that is coming up.

By the way, please come to my event (the Singularity Summit!) www.singularitysummit.com Use coupon code HACKERNEWS for a discount on tickets.

@pg will the event be recorded/archived and viewable later?

Yes. BTW, you don't need @s here.

That's good to know! I won't be making it there, but I would very much like to spend some time watching the talks.

Are the talks from previous years available? I could not find any links on the website.

We've got links to a bunch of talks from previous years archived on Lanyrd. Take a look at our series page for Startup School: http://lanyrd.com/series/startup-school/

First link after a Google search:



I was disappointed to see "past years" was just a list of speakers in no discernable order, with no idea what they talked about (or when), no recordings, no slide decks, etc.

+1, live streaming with hangouts on air would be amazing!


That would be amazing!

I got an invite for Work at a Startup at the start of the year, but couldn't go because I live in Australia. To avoid the plane ticket I looked at other ways of getting there, like via cargo plane or cargo ship. It turns out the first one is illegal an the second one is more expensive and takes longer :D

I had the good fortune of attending last year and it was phenomenal. The presentations were entertaining but the conversations with other attendees were priceless.

I'm currently a sophomore in high school. Am I old enough to apply, and is it worth it for me (I live near NYC)?

Yes to the first; you have to decide the second.

High school student myself here! There will be a live stream so you wont miss out (in terms of content) whether you decide to come or not.

Since it sort of worked well last time (http://areyougoing2009.heroku.com/), I updated the are you going app for this year!


To everyone who's on the fence you should definitely go. I flew to two of them from New York and it was well worth it. The talks are available online but by being there you get to feel the startup energy and meet a ton of motivated, driven people.

Do subsequent applications overwrite the old one? I want to apply now so I don't forget but I feel I could write a better application given more time.


If you've already been (in say 2010), is there a possibility of going twice?

Sure; the software is not sophisticated enough to consider multi-year windows.

From personal experience, yes. I've been twice (2009, 2010), but I didn't get in last year, so maybe it's getting too crowded (or I got unlucky :)).

Always look forward to watching these talks. Thanks for doing them every year. Really glad that Andrew Mason is doing another one.

I went in 2010, but did not apply in 2011. I don't feel I will be going this year either. I just have been too busy and dedicated with my day job to work on side projects/startup projects to feel like I would be worthy of going this year.

I'm jealous still of anyone who gets in and goes :) At least I can watch the videos online after they are posted.

is there a link to previous years' video?

Is there anybody know where to find events like this startup school(except by reading post of HN)?

Excited to hopefully make it! I've only been able to watch the streams previously.

>> When: 20 October 2011, 9:00 am. >> Application Deadline: 20 September 2011.


Fixed, thanks.

The speakers page still says 2011.

Oops; fixed that too.

pg: "Thanks for applying. We'll respond by email about a week after the application deadline. Please make a note of your username and password. You'll need them later to confirm you're coming."

Er... what username and password?

I would assume it's your HN information.

I would think so too, except I didn't enter it anywhere, so I'm not sure how the association is made. Oh well, no sense worrying about such mundane details.

To apply, you need to sign in using your HN username and password. If you were already signed in, you probably just didn't notice that the form already knew who you were.

The actual application form is on news.ycombinator.com, so it's got your cookies. Crafty, pg. Crafty. :)

pg: when will the applicants know if he/she got accepted?

"The application deadline is noon PT on September 20, and we'll issue acceptances on September 30. "

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