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I can't believe with nearly 100 comments I appear to be the only one to call the whole story of how these were acquired into doubt.

I'm not saying that the FBI story isn't true, but so many comments here just assume it to be 100% factual - there's no evidence that it was taken from the FBI vs found on a USB Stick in the garbage.

It's a big story, yes, but I think maybe a deep breath is in order before we all accuse the FBI of leaking/losing/stealthily acquiring something!

(I'm not a US Citizen, btw)

I guess we better start tracking everything the FBI does. You know, so we can prove their innocence.

Besides, what's the big deal... if they have nothing to hide then they have nothing to worry about!

Nitpick: While I agree with the idea (of accountability), the fact of the matter is that the FBI--being what they are and doing what they do--actually does have things to hide, often with good reason, even.

i think it's mainly because we'll never know, and it's not really the point that bothers most.

What bothers most is that this data exists at all, and what it's used for.

You're right, we should extend the courtesy of innocent until proven guilty. :)

Though, it must be curious why AntiSec have had 12 million UDID's, but only now are releasing them. Also, no one else from AntiSec is corroborating it?

http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4473755 says his device is on the list.

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