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pilif 596 days ago | link | parent

iOS developers don't have the Apple IDs nor ZIP codes nor addresses (unless they separately ask for them but at least the apple ID is very uncommon)

arn 596 days ago | link

There are no "Apple IDs" in here. Just Apple device UDIDs.


pilif 596 days ago | link

You are right. I misread the announcement. That still leaves the issue of the personal data, but as I said: app developers could acquire that directly from the user.

Possibly, the fact that personal data is missing so often actually might point to a non-apple leak, because they would have the link to personal data. Of course it could be fake, but it would be prsesent.


bornhuetter 596 days ago | link

When he said "a popular iOS developer" I assumed he meant Facebook.


saurik 596 days ago | link

I imagine it wouldn't be that difficult to extrapolate this information from your address book: I keep my own name, phone number, address, etc. all in there, and you can probably figure out which record is mine.


SG- 596 days ago | link

Could this data have been taken from the AT&T "breach" a while back where all the data for iPhone customers wasn't protected and crawled?


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