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This is huge. I've been fearing this kind of leak for a long time. If you're unsure why this is huge, here are some posts of mine on this issue showing de-anonymization, complete takeover of social media accounts, and more:

De-anonymizing UDIDs with OpenFeint: http://corte.si/posts/security/openfeint-udid-deanonymizatio...

A survey of how UDIDs are used: http://corte.si/posts/security/apple-udid-survey/index.html

Why the Apple UDID had to die: http://corte.si/posts/security/udid-must-die/index.html

I've often been asked what I thought the worst-case scenario is regarding the mis-management of UDIDs. My answer has always been that a large UDID database leaking would be a privacy catastrophe...

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