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Looks like they've got Obama's iPad:

thea:Downloads admin$ cat ./iphonelist.txt | grep -i obama '473d6e1ebf0b100ed172ce5f69c97ba6c8f12ad5','766a23201c6089be11845bfef624dbaada68be52155079850951836e9373e5cd','hobamain','iPad' 'c63e008e6271c3ac128eb6a242a9817528b6baef','b996a080e11265a0c93436ba0b13b7c07ee4e8eef6faeb8516917b015d7355fb','Obama','iPad'

Openfeint shows that 'Obama' last played 'Fishing Fun 2'

    curl 'https://api.openfeint.com/users/for_device.xml?udid=c63e008e6271c3ac128eb6a242a9817528b6baef

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <last_played_game_name>Fishing Fun 2</last_played_game_name>
    <profile_picture_source nil="true"></profile_picture_source>
    <profile_picture_updated_at nil="true"></profile_picture_updated_at>
    <profile_picture_url nil="true"></profile_picture_url>
    <status nil="true"></status>
    <uploaded_profile_picture_content_type nil="true"></uploaded_profile_picture_content_type>
    <uploaded_profile_picture_file_name nil="true"></uploaded_profile_picture_file_name>
    <uploaded_profile_picture_file_size nil="true"></uploaded_profile_picture_file_size>
    <uploaded_profile_picture_updated_at nil="true"></uploaded_profile_picture_updated_at>
    <name>Player 1479631313</name>

Seriously? Personal info about the President was leaked? Not that this particular instance looks like a big deal. Doesn't the NSA secure the President's communication? That must be carrer-impacting-embarrassing for someone.

Personal information about someone who had their device name set to "Obama". Let's not get all crazy now.

Yeah, pretty sure Mr. President's device would probably be called "Barack's iDevice", grepping for that, now that'd be something.

$ cat iphonelist.txt | grep c63e008e6271c3ac128eb6a242a9817528b6baef 'c63e008e6271c3ac128eb6a242a9817528b6baef','b996a080e11265a0c93436ba0b13b7c07ee4e8eef6faeb8516917b015d7355fb','“Administrator”的 iPad','iPad' 'c63e008e6271c3ac128eb6a242a9817528b6baef','b996a080e11265a0c93436ba0b13b7c07ee4e8eef6faeb8516917b015d7355fb','Obama','iPad'

Looks legit...

You do know that there are other people in world with the name Obama, right?

I know for a fact, the NSA protects all communications from the president (and most of the top level folk in his administration). If this turns out to really be the president (which I doubt) it would be a MAJOR breech.

For a fact? How so?

It was an issue widely covered in the press, or at least widely covered enough that I remember people joking about it in monologues. Obama wanted to keep his blackberry and other gadgets in opposition to what the Secret Service wanted. They finally compromised with security-enhanced versions of the devices such as his so-called "Blackberry One" a pun off of Air Force One.

Though I didn't hear anything about securing it when he got an iPad, I did see photos in the news of him carrying one. I would assume it would be equally vetted and locked down.

I'd have to kill ya if I told you. :)

No I'm kidding of course. Obviously, I did work in that area, ages ago.

And it's been like this for a long time, by the way. Even back in ancient times when we all used dials.

The president lives in the ultimate bubble. Nothing gets in or out without being vetted.

They had news articles about protecting his phone back when he was elected.

Is the address the white house?

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