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> Surely this is illegal.

So? Pretty sure torture and car bombing innocent women and children is also illegal.


There's always one person in the comments section that leaves a comment that couldn't be any further disconnected from the discussion. As pointed out you're getting confused with the CIA, it even quite clearly says in the Wikipedia article you linked: "...a failed assassination attempt organized by the American CIA and British intelligence"

Lets not make this situation out to sound worse than it is. The FBI having access to 12 million UDID's and user information which apparently had holes in it anyway is nowhere near as bad as innocent civilians being killed and seriously injured. It's bad, but not that bad, calm down.

> you're getting confused with the CIA

No I am not. I was talking about the executive branch of the our government.

> Lets not make this situation out to sound worse than it is.

I was commenting on the assertion that this is 'illegal' and thus how could FBI possibly do this. And my response was that it seems illegality isn't exactly stopping anyone, be it FBI, CIA or other agency.

No need to go that far back - we can talk about the warrent-less wiretaps, or the pre-trial assassinations of US citizens.

...of course, the current administration insists that those are legal, but because they refuse to release a legal argument defending the practice, the best explanation they've given is 'Just trust us, okay?'. Not sure how that would hand up in a court of law.

We're talking about the FBI, not the CIA. You know, the same FBI that walked from Gitmo because detainee constitutional rights were being violated when they were being tortured.

I'd love to read the warrant that granted this disclosure. If one doesn't exist I'd love to hear Apple's reasoning for releasing a 12 million + user database to LE without being legally obliged to do so.

> We're talking about the FBI, not the CIA

They are both part of the government and the culture of 'laws for us vs laws for them (the regular people)' is present in both.

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