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antimatter15 589 days ago | link | parent

One interesting thing I've found is that apparently 190 of those 1000001 people have named their devices "The Titanic", for that iTunes "The Titanic is syncing" pun. I'm curious if there's anything else interesting that might be found in this data.

firebones 589 days ago | link

I seem to see a disproportionate number of pro photographer accounts (grep for dot coms as device names) which might point to some commonality--some photo app? A quick search showed more female email addresses, but not sure if this is related to the source or if it is related to the likelihood of women using their email addresses as device names.


mathias 589 days ago | link

Actually, it’s more like 166:

    $ grep -c -i "titanic\'" iphonelist.txt 
It’s only 190 if you include names like “Titanic’s iPad”, but those aren’t funny.


danudey 589 days ago | link

There are a few phones named 'Venice', presumably for the 'Venice is syncing' pun. My iPhone is named Venice for a different reason, but it's not in the list.


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