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This was my reaction too. I was initially inspired by his dedication.

But Jiro also illustrates that to reach the top of some crafts your dedication must border on sociopathy.

I would argue the average person's life is much closer to bordering on sociopathy. Jiro is full of energy and happiness at age 85. So many "normal" people are sickly physically and or mentally by age 85. They complain about how things use to be better, they watch fox news, have no passion in their life and feel empty. I see the opposite in Jiro, he seems to be so full. So full of joy, and passion. A simple life doesn't mean a sociocpthic life. The complexity and lavishness most people look for to make them feel full often what makes them feel so empty. So I disagree, Jiro is not a cautionary tale, rather he is an inspiration. I hope I am that happy and full of life at age 85. I hope I am still dreaming of new ideas at night and honing my passion durring the day.

What makes you think that Jiro is happy? I got no such indication from watching the film.

He said as much, a couple of times. Once that he was happy, the other that he was ecstatic while making sushi.

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