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This is why I collect screenshots of UI elements and Web pages I think look good (several thousand in the last 10 years). I was the typical "I can't do design!" developer for years, but if you pay attention to and record your tastes then your skill level will slowly begin to close the gap.

How do you collect them, just in a directory or do you use some tool? I also collect sites and web-apps who's UI/design I really like on my personal wiki system, but it has a lot of flaws, i.e. they're not screenshots so if the site changes I lose the UI. Would love to hear how other people manage this.

It's been posted countless times but Ira Glass (radio personality and host of "This American Life") has very similar advice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI23U7U2aUY

I knew I was summoning up my taste-vs-talent terminology from something I'd read/heard but couldn't remember what. That's exactly what it was - thanks! :-)

That's a key that when start paying even a little attention and collecting things you feel are good, you start to also see things that are not that good.

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