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Show HN: My Github résumé (resume.github.com)
301 points by negrit on Sept 2, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 75 comments

This is very nice, but it has the same flaw that most of the github résumé generators have: it only lists my own projects, not those from other people or organizations to which I (heavily) contribute, so it doesn't show the repos that get two thirds of all of my patches.

Does the github API not allow to query all the public repos to which I have commit access?

You can't see all repos for which you have commit access. (e.g. if you are in an organization, you have to query the organization to get the fact that you are a contributor)

Go to https://api.github.com/users/your_user_here/repos to see what repos are accessible.

NOW: it is possible to iterate through all of the repos in Github and build it up, but that's far too much legwork and would need to be run continually.

nor does it show all the work done off github. Work at code.google.com or sourceforge.net or the myriad of other places someone might be doing great work.

For example http://www.ohloh.net/ let's you add any public repo.

Yes, I wish people would stop assuming github is the only place people contribute to open source.

Even more annoying for me: I contributed a lot to a project that was on Google Code and is now on Github, so now there's no easy way to find my contributions :/

Alternatively, an additional section could be "These are the projects I've been working on recently", an aggregate of recent activity. (Commits, pull requests & comments from https://api.github.com/users/your_user_here/events.)

As resumes go, I think what someone is currently or recently working on is especially interesting because you can tell what they are excited about at the moment.

This is a portfolio, not a resume.

Love the idea! Usually when I send my "resume" to people it's just a short email with a link to github and my blog.

This does in fact look much better than a vanilla github profile. Better to navigate.

But it does feel a bit strange to read text written in the first person about me ... that I didn't write. Although I guess resumes are supposed to be in first person.

EDIT: there's a bug, going to this url http://resume.github.com/?swizec&utm_source=buffer&b... ... breaks things

This is a nice tool but I don't get the obsession with github. Surely resumes should be about what you worked on and how it went rather than where you host it? People use other public repositories a lot, like Google Code. In addition many really good programmers may not be able or willing to work on open source code. I do like the Stack Overflow careers profile though, which allows you to add links to open source work on a few services. Though I get the irony that that site is heavily biased towards people that are active on Stack Overflow.

It would be nice if the resume included popular projects the user has contributed to.

Agreed. I've submitted lots of pull requests and taken over a small, popular project but none of it shows up.

It's weird how it looks very similar to mine:


We probably both stole the theme from the same place and I can't remember.

Looks like Matt Brown's resume template: http://thingsthatarebrown.com/blog/2009/05/sample-resume-tem...

Matt Brown is a good guy.

Your "My Startups" section should be renamed "My Projects" or something else.

I agree with that.

Matt Brown's resume template[1] really gets around (which is no bad thing, I use it myself[2]). I hope he realizes how widely it's used.

1 - [http://resume.github.com/css/resume.css] 2 - [http://www.holehouse.org/CV.html]

I believe the resume building site Jobspice ( http://www.jobspice.com ) has a similar template.

I have something similar, though it's more like a GitHub portfolio than a resume: https://github.com/dideler/projects

You can view it in action: http://dennisideler.com/projects

"I'm a developer with public repository. I've been using github.com since NaN."

I think it should read "I'm a developer with a public repository" and the NaN thing is a bit odd.

(I was just curious what my resume would look like as I don't use github much)

I've been working on putting my _actual_ resume on Github using Markdown (when finished, I'll have a HTML version up using Markdown and Strapdown.js, too).


I've neglected my resume for a long time and recently felt the need to update it. After considering different options, I thought "Why not just put this thing on Github?" Ultimately, I just wanted something that would withstand the test of multiple document formats over time, and a text file was the best thing I could think of.

So yes, quite literally, Github is my resume.

I would love it if people started including an "apply with Github" link on their job sites where they usually have an "apply with LinkedIn" link now.

This reminds me of something I made for my github page (made long before github pages had an Automatic Page Generator). You can fork it and change the name of the repo to <your username>.github.com to make your own personalised github page quickly.


Hahah, Nice work! i honestly thought it was something like https://github.com/saidinesh5/MyResume ... (hint: the commit messages are more important than the commit diffs :P ) .. i have been quite lazy to update it and correct some design flaws though..

That's a nice idea, but I'm a bit skeptical of your specific implementation. Would you really want to be so honest on your resume as to admit that you added Java to it after cramming for a job interview for 2 days? https://github.com/saidinesh5/MyResume/commit/22e6aca7711491...

Sorry to pick on you, but it was just the first commit message I read, and it stood out as a particularly bad resume bullet point.

haha I am actually glad that you caught one of the design flaw i was talking about...the story for adding Java to my technical skills, is actually in another commit ...

In this particular case, I added Java to my Resume not because I know it well enough...but because I was actually able to build an Android app in 7 days, Java starting at level 0, in a week.. an App good enough for me to clear the interview :)


And ya, Now there are many more things I would want to delete from this Resume than I want to add to it .. for eg. like all of the silly projects I have done while in college... both the Java and the .Net stuff ..and what not :)

Like other people here, I have also created a resume that uses the Github API. It's nothing special, just an example of how easy it is to make something like this. https://github.com/wildlyinaccurate/resume

Awesome work. I've been wishing something like this existed for a while now.

It's existed for 2 years and has been frontpaged here at least once before.


I agree. I have no idea how this made it to the front page. Such duplicate links are recently increased. This should have been posted before, I'm pretty sure.

Weird... every sample link flashes the resume then shows 'ut oh :(' in IE9 and IE10... Odd, since I'm not seeing anything on this that would explain this technical limitation.

Very nice, I was thinking of this in the shower (of course) today. Is there any way to see my contributions to other projects? This is honestly a feature I would pay for.

I'm seeing "member since NaN" and "created NaN" on iPad.

Cool stuff :D

just filed an issue - but the error message is pretty obnoxious for a catch all- bound to the $(window) error event is a catch all error that blames me for not having enough data (56 public repos not enough?)

This means that anyone who knows this url and decides to look me up will see a message accusing me of being a non-producer if anything goes wrong with the resume

Looks really nice. Would be nice if the language % also included closed projects. (and bitbucket always gets to little love :-))

Nice work! In some résumé, the organisation section is continuously loading (maybe a bug when it's empty?)

Wow, really nice, thanks for sharing!

Brilliant. It's the best resume generator based on GitHub I've seen so far.

Is the link broken for anyone else? It just goes to resume.github.com

I love it! Was just trying to create a resume and you just bailed me!

What if you could also include some work from the users SO profile?

Could submit a pull request. Then you can have My Github Resumé on your resumé.

Cute, but why does it not say I use Scheme???

It has a nice look and feel.

Very nice! Thank you!

very nice, Thanks. I love it.

My work is on my personal non-networked operating system, LoseThos. It has per-file compression, so most files are stored compressed. The source code is not ASCII and it only compiles with my own C-ish compiler.

I have no use for github.

I am more likely to hire than be hired, though.

I wrote 135,000 lines of code over the past 9 years, including a kernel, 64-bit compiler, graphics library, boot loaders, device drivers, editor, tools like grep, etc., and 150 demo programs. 9 years is a very long time.

EDIT: I'm being downvoted. The Internet is a reeducation camp. Picard, there are 4 lights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_eSwq1ewsU

This is just brainwashing.

You have to believe in God to be hired.

I'm looking for partners, I suppose. Useless in a reeducation camp, though.

I'm sick of hearing 20-year-old linux zealots saying how useful github is for hiring.

This is off-topic, but I cracked-up laughing on a radio phone-in show where a woman said how glad she was not having an abortion because her downs (or something) child was such a joy. She, then, proceeded to tell all the stuff she had to do for it.

It's been fascinating to see what you have written about LoseThos earlier. It's an impressive accomplishment. Even more so given the challenges you are facing with your illness.

Man, seeing how talented you are and at the same time out of this world and rejected makes me incredibly sad.

[1] http://qaa.ath.cx/LoseThos.html -- for some background

Wow, I'm lucky enough to catch a glimpse of LoseThos author.

I saw videos of your OS a few weeks ago and was quite perturbed (by all the flashy stuff). However I'd be curious in seeing the source of your OS. I think it disappeared at some point.

For the Github thing, I see no reason not to post code on Github as an attempt to show our linux zealot skills to eventual employers. It's better that than to just brag about code without actually showing anything.

He's posting a lot of comments here, but the previous account got hellbanned some time ago. I guess this one will follow soon.

> You have to believe in God to be hired.

I have the impression you're in the US. If so, this is illegal. You can treat business partners this way, but not employee candidates.


I'm surprised you managed to squeeze something relevant to the topic in your bragging.

You are the crazy hobo of HN. Why are your videos called "Songs by God and Me"? Why do you screenshots just show crazy screens full of text rather than displaying actual features?

"Crazy hobo of HN"? I've been on HN for more than 3 years now and let me tell you: I would find it infinitely less distressing to have to read through his comments (were he not hellbanned) over and over again in every discussion than to see your unnecessarily uncivil comment only once.

He at least has a good reason why his comments are the way they are. You have no such excuse and I'm ashamed that your comment has not been downvoted into oblivion.

I'm sympathetic to the guy, but I don't think I agree with you (though I upvoted your post because I agree with your sentiment if not your particulars).

A lot of LoseThos's previous posts have been ranting about Jews, Muslims, black people, et al. and while it may be a touch uncivil of me to say it, there's much less value-add than value-subtract there. He certainly has a reason for his behavior, but I hesitate to call it an excuse (and I note that you didn't, but you compared it to the lack of an excuse for the post you replied to) and I strongly feel it shouldn't be tolerated regardless of reason.

Because he's schizophrenic. He's spoken about it before.

He should be fucking locked up then.

As a schizophrenic myself (fine now with medication) it makes me sad when I see comments like this. The stigma is immense, I've yet to tell someone I know without being treated completely differently by them.

Edit (just thought I'd expand a bit on the comment): Schizophrenia's a ridiculously wide disease, if you ever look at the symptom list in the DSM you'll see just how many symptoms are possible, personally I spent 2 years doing essentially nothing (i.e barely any social contact, no programming etc.) and only hallucinated a few times. The problem with treating schizophrenia's mainly the drugs that can help (antipsychotics) are a) expensive and b) really hard to comply with due to the side effects (personally I can easily sleep 12 hours a day due to mine and you're always at risk for tardive dyskinesia).

It'd be nice to live in a world where having a mental illness wasn't seen by a lot of people as a personal failing of some kind, but we're nowhere near there yet.

I bet you get that question a lot, but I just read http://lesswrong.com/lw/e25/bayes_for_schizophrenics_reasoni... and was wondering if it was possible for a schizophrenic to tell whether he is hallucinating. Also, would be really nice to hear your thoughts on that article. Thanks!

My worst hallucination was when I thought people were breaking into the house I was living in at the time. For me at least there was absolutely no difference between the people I was seeing who weren't there and the police I called because I thought people were breaking in. Eventually the police ended up essentially walking me around my house proving to me there was no one there and even then I was still "making up" lamer and lamer pieces of evidence for the break in in my mind.

I told them several times I wasn't hallucinating and I think they were pretty freaked out about the whole thing until they found my meds and realised I wasn't high or abusing some other drugs.

Retrospectively it's pretty easy to see the point where I started seeing things but at the time (at least for me) it was a really slow and insidious process.

I read the article but luckily for me I was never really delusional for very long at all, aside from a couple of incidents like the one above I wasn't really hit by the hallucination/delusional side of schizophrenia so I'm not really qualified to talk about what it's like but I've read before that (sort of like bipolar patients) a lot of schizophrenia patients simply refuse to believe anything's wrong at all, which is one of the big challenges when trying to gain medication compliance.

This woman called-in to a radio show on abortion. She said how glad she was not aborting her downs child. Then she said really awful things describing her life.

You should get a job at Unshackled.


It disgusts me to see that kind of response. It's a mental illness, yes. It can be disruptive, yes. But what has he done to you to deserve a nasty response like that?

Schizophrenia patients are rarely put in long term inpatient care any more - whether voluntary or not - in any case, because it is rarely necessary.

Try reading this:


It's a comic about Schizophrenia.

No, he should be treated.

CIA doesn't want other operating systems. CIA==KGB

Duh! You think they would let another operating system exist! ROFLMAO Win8

You can have your starry eyed view of the US.

Back in 2001 when I made SimStructure, the CIA made SimStructure. I learned my reality is a joke like the 1960's the prisoner. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRPDO63rI1E

I get no emails, except FBI.

There are worse things people can be...

I got upvoted, so I think I'm misunderstood. I'm not a troll, though. My internet has only democratic atheist linux zealots. It's like there are no republicans or believers in God, so it sure looks like a reeducation camp.

I heard 70% of Americans believe in God. That's a low estimate compared to others I've heard. WTF! I'm in a CIA camp!

It makes sense the CIA sure as hell does not want an operating system without back-doors and police tracking logs. Duh! Mine's not networked, so it's harmless. Guess not.

Find a single Republican or believer in God on this site: http://www.reddit.com/ Where are my people -- the 70%?

Your schizophrenia is acting up again, but try the various subreddits devoted to specific religions.

I've got my website linked, but who the fuck said that I blog on it?

The html [1] does. If you don't like the wording, you can fork it and change the text.


Somebody made something for you for free. No need to get nasty. You can just fork it if you dislike the wording.

I noticed this as well!

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