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SEEKING FREELANCER(S) - REMOTE - to work on several projects.

Expected projects duration 3-6 mths, this is not full time, expected weekly load 1-2 days max.


- devops - Linode VPS+AWS / Ubuntu / nginx - despite small start need to ensure excellent security and integrity of data, so extended experience is a plus

- back-end - Django / Python / std libs / various helper apps (scraping, email, REST, multitenant, queues, etc) - multisite/multilang - can do almost everything with Python

- db - main PostgreSQL, for specific use cases possibly Mongo and a bit of Redis

- front-end - nothing fancy, Bootstrap is fine, but need good custom colors and clean look, ability to implement designs/mock-ups in HTML/CSS fast

- might need extra help on specific functionality - chat, video chat (Flash), js charts/graphs (d3, raphael, processing)

Only one skill set is ok, two is even better :-)

Mobile - iOS, Android

On mobile projects I expect to start next couple of months, so seeking potential contacts in advance.

Simple iPhone[native]/Android app with several pages, IAP, notifications, feedback from users, multilang, a bit of crypto experience is a plus. Might need design help.

Please send CV, your HN handle, experience & terms to dkaloshkin at gmail dot com

Edit: formatting

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