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All these articles claiming Twitter is restricting developers using their API are all missing one important distinction: Twitter is only restricting Twitter client developers. There are hosts of other developers who are using the Twitter API with no restrictions, those building value add services in Social CRM (social media monitoring, analytics, data reselling, sentiment analysis, etc). Yes, Twitter's new ecosystem is geared towards the B2B market. But to say they're restricting developers across the board just isn't true. However, it seems most of the tech blogs tend to think only of consumer-facing client apps as the members of the Twitter ecosystem, and so forget about all the other apps out there, the ones they're not restricting.

Well, I think the point is, building Twitter clients use to be allowed, even encouraged, by Twitter. And now it's a big no-no. So even though they're only restricting new client development, the restriction affect anyone developing with the Twitter API. What's not to say the type of app you're building today won't be restricted tomorrow.

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