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You're preaching to the choir about intent. However, that article is old. Twitter's ads are much more effective this year than last. Romney alone paid $100k for one promoted trend that lasted a few hours. I know first hand they're making hundreds of millions this year.

The point is, you have no data to back your assertions about what's good for Twitter as a business. They spent years refining their business model based on their data, and they picked the one they have now.

As far as I know, Twitter has yet to explore (in practice) monetizing their API. Do you know anything about any experiments they've done in that space? it seems to me like ads are just a default monetization strategy to those companies

Search the Internet for 'twitter firehose license' and you can see for yourself.

Right, forgot about that completely. Their API usage did grow considerably since then. I would love to find some data on what were the results for that licensing experiment

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