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SEEKING WORK - San Francisco / Remote

- Web app development: Python, Ruby, PHP, Java (backend) and HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ExtJS (frontend)

- Mobile development: iOS and Android

- Server/infrastructure: Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL, open source (no Microsoft)

- Well-versed in every framework under the sun: Django, Rails, WordPress, 3rd Party APIs, et cetera

We're a team of three that work together with the coherence of one. Latest projects include writing BART's parking system [1], co-founding a mobile transaction and data security company [2], helping jumpstart a web malware and anti-virus plugin [3], and working on a web-based property manager [4].

Let's work together!



[1] www.select-a-spot.com/bart/ -- BART's online parking reservation system (we wrote it from scratch in Django)

[2] www.claveo.com -- Mobile and transaction and data security with a scalable web service and strong cryptographic mobile clients (we were co-founders)

[3] www.getcocoon.com -- In-browser malware and anti-virus protection (we built part of the web interface, server back end, and front-end clients)

[4] www.appfolio.com -- Web-based extremely intuitive property management (front-end interface, back-end, and server deployment and continuous integration management console)

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