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Do want to learn Web programming? PHP is probably the easiest programming language to learn for server-side web programming. I've read several books on PHP and looked over a bunch, and a lot are pretty good, but one of the best is this one: http://www.amazon.com/PHP-MySQL-Development-Developers-Libra...

come on, let's not get in the habit of modding someone down because we disagree with them.

I'm modding it down to save anyone from being misled into PHP.

PHP is awful.

It might be awful but it works well and is easy to learn.

Yes, but it'll teach you terrible habits.

Like what?

Dumping things into global variables. Using regexes to hammer anything vaguely resembling a nail. Thinking in for loops when you should be thinking in higher-level abstractions.

That may have been the PHP of old and sadly it is still practiced up to this day. But I'm telling you man PHP5 and it's implementations will blow alot of criticisms out of the water.

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