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San Diego: join us for SD Hacker News meetup #32 (Fri 8/31) (anyvite.com)
24 points by th 1972 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Thanks Trey for organizing the meetup. It will be my first ever Hacker News meetup.

Just picking up where the past organizers left off.

See you at the meetup!

Thanks for organizing, Trey!

Thanks for organizing so much in the past.

someone should tell linuxcon about this meetup.


I am at CloudOpen (colocated with LinuxCon) and will make every effort to get to the SDHN meetup if I can muster the energy after the con. But, everyone knows at SDHN, I am almost certain to show up at Obrien's by 9:30p.

Hi guys, I'm new. Never been to a meeting; thus, this will be my first. What address and time are we supposed to meet at?

It says on the Anyvite invitation that is linked. Part 1 is at Pangea Bakery (Kerny Mesa) at 7:30pm and Part 2 is at O'Brien's bar across the street at 9:30pm. See you at the meetup.

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