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That seems to be his point. "Like the pop market, it's hit or miss; sometimes it will work, sometimes it won't."

Basically he's just managed to find the immature market. The thing about that is, it's extremely difficult to reproduce.

As much as gagware pollutes the market with bright colors, loud noises, and minimally functioning apps, it obviously has market value, so it won't be going away anytime soon.

Kind of like spam? I doubt anyone would send 411 scam emails or sketchy pharmacy ads if no one ever fell for them or bought pills.

I'd say it's still a couple rungs above spam: you're still making something people want. I don't think anyone actually wants to be defrauded. (you could bring up honey pots by law enforcement, but I don't think they're the inteded market for scammers) In fact, if the outcome was desired by all involved parties, you couldn't call it fraud.

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