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I don't understand where these ads he is displaying are showing up?

Can someone with an iphone explain please

I just downloaded it: there's a thin banner across the top that says "Find Golf Resorts Maui Hawaii Now!" with small "Ads by AdMob" text beneath that.

Anyone know if there are other options (besides AdMob) for developers to insert these kinds of ads in their app?

Google does :p

I am just saying that because I wondered too what company does iPhone ads. I guess any "mobile ad" thingy will do it for you.

Anyway, in my 45 seconds research I found one called JumpTap.

What I didn't find is how much a publisher can expect to earn with any company. If it's around the same rate as websites, let's speculate because it's fun.

To achieve $200/hr at .50 cpm

$1 = 2000 "page views"

$200 = 400,000 "page views"

400,000... that's probably how many "sessions" with the app. Now with a:

10% ctr: 4,000,000 sessions per hour; 25% ctr: 1,600,000 sessions per hour;

Free app... 20 million possible user base... ah, whatever... that's getting complicated :p But I bet a spreadsheet where we could tweak the numbers could show what's the potential of popular apps to earn with ads...

I'm somewhat doubtful about the original claim of making $200 per hour exactly because of the math that you present. Or rather, $200/hour for how long?

Even if all 20mio(?) iphone owners downloaded and used the app once that only amounts to $10000 bucks. If we assume they show it to all their buddies in school, say 20 times, then we arrive it $200k bucks. Heck, add a ton of clickthroughs and real hardcore fans and make that $400k.

One hell of a deal for a 20 minute app, no question. But all under imho very optimistic assumptions. I'd go as far as to smell a little PR stunt maybe?

Anyone know some real world figures about iphone app sales?

Agreed, I think 200$/hr is probably an exaggeration. Although as a developer I would love to hear otherwise.

I found this post from a couple years ago about admob: http://venturebeat.com/2007/08/07/admob-ups-ante-in-mobile-a...

The comments thread is interesting. Apparently admob is mostly a CPC company not CPM. I can only imagine how low the clickthrough rate for golf resorts in hawaii on a sound bomb app are.

After a bit more research on the subject I think it's fairly safe to call bullshit on that $200/hour figure. It's either a concerted PR stunt or the app developer is trying to push his market value.

While I didn't find much information about iphone app sales or revenue figures I did indeed find some sobering bits about regular web ad gigs.

A good example with published stats is one that we all know: Desktop Tower Defense. http://novelconcepts.wordpress.com/2008/03/11/happy-birthday...

This game has undoubtly spawned one of the biggest viral hypes of the recent years. Nonetheless and despite fairly reasonable advertising efforts under massive traffic it "only" managed to pull in 100k over 12 months, or roughly $11 per hour.

So yes, those hawaiian golf resorts must be paying one hell of a CPC/CPM rate. Wonder what they'd pay me for wearing a t-shirt with their URL. I think I'd do that for a measly $1/hour...

Yeah, I feel you. I think I know what happened. Some "journalist" took poetic licence interpreting what the developer probably said:

Dev: It took me 5 hours to build and I made $1000.

Reporter: Developer makes $200/hr building iPhone apps.

We've all done this kind of math before (revenue / work time), but I think somewhere the context was lost on this one. Unless somewhere we can find the developer actually saying "I make $200/hr even when I am sleeping."

Don't get that in mine. Maybe I got an older version since I didn't go through the US AppStore...

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