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HTML5 Boilerplate v4.0.0 (html5boilerplate.com)
212 points by necolas on Aug 29, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 51 comments

Let's have a moment's silence for our dear departed friend, #fe57a1.

I've actually brought it back on my downloaded copy; it's a color that never clashes with text colors I assign, and stands out pretty well.

Yeah, the new default selection color makes text completely unreadable for me...

I beg your pardon?

One interesting feature of html boilerplate was that, in its CSS, it set the background color of selected text to #fe57a1 (hot pink). For the longest time, it was a pretty easy way to identify an HB-based site as many developers didn't customize text selection. It also looked rather neat.

For some reason, they've removed it in v4.

What a strangely fascinating now-arcane bit of internet lore.

Thank you for the explanation.

It's the pink color that used to be used for selection.

I'm sad to see it go.

First thing I noticed. Very sad.

Festal? ;)

Can we officially make that a color name please? / CC: UN Committee on Color Names

I agree -- BTW I'm still waiting to hear back about my new color name: "Unforeseeable Fuchsia".


I forgot to mention "Statutory Grape," the color of a dress worn by a 13-year-old girl. :)

They have also released Mobile Boilerplate v4.0.0 for mobile app development. http://html5boilerplate.com/mobile/

Bring back the hot pink selection background color!

Don't even joke about that. Ugh.

One would think there's not much left to be done when it comes to the boilerplate, but these guys prove there is.

Without getting into code changes, I'm glad to see they abandoned that childish theme the whole project had.

Gratz on the release

"The web's most popular front-end template". With the popularity of Bootstrap, this claim seems unbelievable.

HTML5 Boilerplate has been around a lot longer than Bootstrap and has been adopted by more in the general front-end community. Whereas Bootstrap has been adopted by more generalist developers building entire web applications.

Bootstrap isn't a template. It's a complete UI framework/toolkit.

Which works nicely alongside Boilerplate: initializr.com

They are different beasts. Learn your stuff before saying stuff like this.

Bootstrap is a very good friend of Boilerplate.

You can have both:


Very nice, will have to check this out for the project I'm starting today. Sick of using Bootstrap to demo when I usually change everything. Just need some boilerplate instead.

Nice work on the new site design, really clean and neat!

Glad to see this stripped right back down again to a useful state, it started to get very verbose & noisey

Maybe it needs a little more work. I've got a "Unhandled DOMException: SYNTAX_ERR" in jQuery. And "plugins.js" and "main.js" are loaded twice.

Also: I'm on Opera and get a lot of CSS errors. Some are strange: "-o-opacity is an unknown property".

The jQuery-related error seems to be an upstream bug - http://my.opera.com/community/forums/topic.dml?id=1513672

I don't see plugins.js and main.js loading twice. And that CSS warning can only come from other tabs you had open as we don't include any `-o-` prefixed code in the CSS.

I think these are all Opera quirks. It is saying there are unhandled exceptions when all the ones it identified are inside a try/catch. It looks the -o- warnings are coming from the internal feature detects that we use in jQuery 1.8, we really can't avoid those without browser sniffing.

I love this project. It's everything that I'll never remember on my own and more.

There's also Yeoman in the works, which appears to be a more ambitious H5BP, but by the same people:


Are there some famous projects that I can see concrete examples of use of this this project? This seems pretty cool but I still couldn't get it.

Right from the frontpage (check the links over there):

"Who uses HTML5 Boilerplate?

Google, Microsoft, NASA, Nike, Barack Obama, Mercedes-Benz, ITV News, BAE Systems, Creative Commons, Australia Post, Entertainment Weekly, Racing Green, and many more."

It's biggest purpose is to normalize html across all main browsers, and make them as supportive of HTML5 as possible.

You can put any other frontend framework on top of H5BP - Bootstrap, Foundation, etc. It's not mutually exclusive.

You usually won't know a web page is actually using H5BP, especially without looking at the source.

Two websites using it: http://creativecommons.org/, http://www.barackobama.com/

> You usually won't know a web page is actually using H5BP, especially without looking at the source.

One of the ways to know, before the new release which sadly kills it, was that many sites didn't customize the default hot pink text-selection background color.

Select text and get hot pink? You knew it was the boilerplate.

Also I imagine many wouldn't customize 404 too much

The 404 you usually had to hook in yourself depending on your server & framework, so that was way less likely.

#fe57a1. always made me smile

What does Google Analytics have to do with html5?

It's boilerplate. It's sensible to assume that sites might use GA, and their snippet is more optimized than the stock one Google gives you, IIRC. It's not difficult to delete.

The framework allows you to build html5-based sites that can be instrumented for google analytics.

Splendid work guys, but I am still unhappy that you guys closed the Google group around it.

Will check out the updates shortly.

The suggestion to use Stackoverflow as support channel is a good decision imho

Doesn't that mean you can't garner opinions or ask slightly open questions though?

I think it's pretty neat as well.

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