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I finally discovered a somewhat useful reason to resurrect my childhood idea. My web store, BTC Gear has bought up some ad space on the Bitcoin Talk forums which allow small, image-free HTML ads with CSS styling.

To me this sounds dodgy. The whole point about these ads is that they are supposed to be unintrusive and not have images.

Abusing HTML to re-inject what is in effect just that, images, sounds like blatant violation of TOS. This can cause bad rep for the ad-provider who has promised site-owners image-free ads, and bad rep for site-owners who has promised end-users (or maybe VIP members) an ad-free or ad-limited experience.

While this may technically be a "cool" (yet obvious) hack, the reasons stated for doing them are wrong on every single level. I wouldn't want to encourage this.

The forum moderator uploads each ad manually and explicitly states that ads can be rejected for being "too annoying." Although I could see how this would be a backdoor in some situations, the site owner will not upload our ad unless he's OK with it.

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