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Tel Aviv Meetup?
36 points by rshlo on Aug 28, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 43 comments
I've seen that the last HN meetup was about 2 years ago. Any interest in something informal in Tel Aviv?

I think that a Facebook group is better for all discussions:


If anyone are in, I suggest Sep. 13 which is Thursday and it's great for a toast for Rosh Hashana.

I'm in too! @idangazit

Shame, we had a meetup group until exactly last week—which shut down for lack of use.

Ah! didn't know about it. Was there a mailing list/fb group?

EDIT: what did you do for place?

Love the irony :)

I'd definitely be interested :-) Let me know if I can help. I'm @joelgascoigne on Twitter.

Wow, didn't know so many of you were near by... Count me in. @ShayAcrich http://computedscience.cloudfoundry.com

Count me in!

I'm @adambn on twitter or adam (at) binpress (dot) com

p.s: I can help with organizing it

I'll be in Tel Aviv (or close to it) starting from the end of this week & would be interested!

@tametick http://tametick.com/

Sounds great. Assuming I'm in the country (I'm abroad for the holidays in September), I'm definitely in.

I'd be interested. @apparentsoft on Twitter or app.net.

We are in and can help. founders [at] smore [dot] com

I live and work in TLV and would be interested.

Likewise, I'd be interested as well @shirzor

I'm in! too,where it will be located? my mail is orperelman@gmail.com please send me a word,thanks!

I'm in. And so's my office mate.

@shiraabel - I wanna know too.

@klarnail will be happy to host the event at our new Tel Aviv office @yuvalsamet

where are your new offices?

In. Will try to see if I can help secure a space.

I'm in as well (in TA for another month or so).

+2 from the IDF

Same, also IDF.

Sounds great.

Sounds good.


I'm in.

@benln on twitter

I'm in :-)

I'am in

sounds great - @rozovr

eugenes and catamunt, it seems you are both hellbanned.

Yes might be a mistake... as far as I know there's not much you can do about it except e-mail pg or simply create a new account.

@yuvalo count me in

Sounds good to me!

+1 for Tel-Aviv

+1 @nivs

Me, too!


+1 @emikil

Im in





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