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Coderise: teach kids how to code in developing nations (thenextweb.com)
21 points by andreshb 1761 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite

In developing countries, like India, getting access to coding classes is less of a problem than nurturing a culture of innovation and problem solving through technology.

We don't need more coders. We need problem solvers. Active problem solvers who can understand a domain problem and solve it using the right technology tools. The problem with the term 'coder' is that they tend to been seen as IT laborers. Push some pre-digested specs to them and they convert it into lines of neatly formatted Java code.

From my experience, learning to code is not a skill that all kids like to learn. On the other hand, many adults from varied domains want to learn to code. Physicists, agriculturist or even a plumber wants to learn how to solve problems using computers. They have a real need for it and the desire to learn.

Most kids want to make game. There is nothing inherently wrong with that. But, if you bring the whole 'developing country' context, it makes much more sense to empower the people who are dire need of coding skills.

As a major in international development and economics (and a part-time hacker)gone to the startup world, initiatives like this are great and will certainly provide long term value...

The problem is in the short term as these policies tend to deviate focus from the real issues at hand in developing countries and consume resources that could be better spent improving other aspects of everyday life. And then there's the whole gender issue. Some countries will allow their young daughters to participate, but unfortunately they won't gain as much out of it. You can't "westernize" a culture by saying that everyone needs to learn how to code, it's just not realistic.

But kudos for taking the next step and trying to create something of value.

Developing countries need initiatives like this one! The future of programming is in countries like Colombia, Brasil, Chile and Argentina that have millions of potencial great engineers!

More evidence that coding is presently overvalued. Is MC Hammer investing?

Nice intention. But they prentend to teach kids to do HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, and databases in 8 weeks. Is this goal realistic?

Great idea! This is one of the most important ways the high income disparity that Colombia experiences will be reduced.

In addition to that challenge, I think the most valuable aspect of the program is giving these kids additional skills that can be useful, whether they decide to embark in entrepreneurship and/or software development or not. They'll have the contacts and knowledge to break out of the local restraints that prevent people from moving up.

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