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I learned Backbone just about 3 months ago and the first project I built (still in developing) with it was a commercial eCommerce web application for a major client. This is how I learned Backbone:

—— 1. I downloaded a copy of the following book and followed all the examples:


Note that the following incomplete sections in the book you will very likely need (I did). The answer to each can be found on StackOverflow.

- Sub-Views And Nesting

- Managing Models In Nested Views

- Views Triggering Other Views

- Cleanly Disposing Views

- [Communicating effectively between views (particularly subviews)]—I added this because I was not sure how to do this after reading the book, I found help on StackOverflow.

By the way, the book is very good and Addy Osmani is a thorough writer, he does not shy away from detail, which I love. Detail is very good, it prevents you from getting stuck later and allows you to have a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

—— 2. Follow these 3 tutorials, they are easy, but very helpful:




— And this one, which is incredibly important for improving your Backbone skills and using Backbone efficiently. These are the things the author later learned on how to improve his preceding 3 tutorials that I listed above:


—— 3. And StackOverflow will be your God send when you start to develop with backbone and realize that some simple things like communicating beween subviews is not immediately apparent. I also got a few excellent tips from this blog to help me on my way:


The commercial application I built is almost complete, I will post a link to it within a few days.

If you follow my guide above, I am confident you would be as equipped as I was to build a serious Backbone.js application without any experience in Backbone.

All the best with your learning and developing.

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