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JsPlumb (jsplumb.org)
139 points by egonschiele on Aug 25, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 22 comments

That's really cool because as the only reader of HN that's on Windows Vista SP1 with IE8, I can confirm that this is the first graphical JS demo posted to HN in the last 12 months that actually works on my setup.

Just out of interest, why are you still using such an ancient browser? Any reason you haven't upgraded to Chrome or Firefox?

I develop software, and want to be right below the line of the average user (25% of some segments of my market are still on XP).

Though am planning to update soon...

Have you considered using VMs for these environments (ie. XP, Vista)? You're potentially leaving a chunk of your users out in the cold if it stops working properly in Windows 7 / IE 9+ / Chrome / Firefox.

(I have no idea if you're doing web or application development.)

Have you checked out http://khanacademy.org/cs?

Awesome. This looks really good. How is the performance with many elements?

Since i first used yahoo pipes, years ago, i have a project in mind where i could use exactly this functionality.

I was always to lazy to give it a shot on my own, but i think now would be the right time. I'll keep you updated.

Thank you.

My guess is that the canvas rendering mode won't be affected by number of objects like SVG does.

I use jsPlumb here http://live.daisyworks.com/editor.html

It is a great way to make drag-n-drop widgets that work for pretty much any browser. Simon has done an awesome job with this.

I used this and springy (https://github.com/dhotson/springy) to make a cool force directed graph editor for state machines in a few days. Performance was great really.

Where is it? :)

I don't own the copyright to that code, but the springy and jsplumb part was really just a few lines of code.

I'm using springy in a game and it works great.

We recently used JsPlumb on a new product release that we are just about to ship. Truly fantastic library with cross browser support.

Happy to put up a link when shipped so you can see JsPlumb in action.

We use JsPlumb to lay out all our search results on DistilBio - http://goo.gl/PW3iu It's a slick library

Amazed by how well it works on iPad.

Awesome have wanted something like this for a long time, just don't have the mastery of JS to create it myself!

make sure to checkout http://neyric.github.com/wireit/ if you like jsplumb

This is awesome! Definitely using it!

somebody made a mindmapping application with this yet?

Yes, used this plus Backbone to make a nice spatial+hierarchical information manager, pretty much a mind map.

do you have a link to that?

not at the moment but I'll let you know if I ever release it

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