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Now, for those of us interested in startups - what a perfect example of great product development:

- Address existing need that few other products addresses

- Helps generating new customers by removing some of the barriers - "I like to create my notes with a pen on a paper"

- Involves non-trivial blend of hardware and software

- Involves non-trivial business partnership

- Serves as a test-bed for bringing the solution to more people by refining unskewing algorithms

- etc. etc.

Well executed, Evernote!

Do either Evernote or Moleskine really qualify as startups, though? (not that that necessarily changes things, though I'm not convinced that it's as revolutionary as being made out to be... certainly evolutionary).

I don't think Evernote is a startup anymore, but it's a remarkable product development story nevertheless. Certainly thinking outside of the box.

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