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What's your opinion of Livescribe?

I'm also a paper note taker but I don't see myself moving to Livescribe (though I haven't tried it) or taking photos of pages in Evernote. I'm pretty organized, though, so I'm not dying to have everything digitized.

I used a Livescribe pen as a student, and I found it really helpful. Being able to record audio and tie that to the words I was writing was incredibly useful. I also appreciated that they didn't go with the price-gouging printer/razorblade-refill model, because they allow you to print your own paper for free (as long as you have a high-quality printer).

The only thing I didn't like about the pen was that it was ballpoint - I'm oddly particular about this; I like Uniball or fountain pens, and I find ballpoint pens a bit irritating to write with.

But other than that, I didn't have any complaints with the pen - if you're like most people and don't mind using ballpoint pens, you probably won't mind the pen either.

The concept sounds great, and the technology works really well. But, having just used it for the last couple months, the ballpoint pen is so bad that it instantly degrades your handwriting. My notes may now be digital, but I can't understand them.

I bought a Livescribe Echo smartpen two years ago and only used it one or two times, including going through the tutorials. It is definitely a very neat technology demo, but my interest was as a developer. I wanted to be able to use the pens as an input device for applications on my Android phone. Unfortunately, this was pretty much impossible with the Echo pen because there is no built-in bluetooth so I gradually lost interest. It was a terrible lost opportunity for Livescribe since I can only imagine the applications one could build with Livescribe and an smartphone; they just seem to go well together.

I used livescribe back in 2009 or so. Hated the big pen. Till date nothing compares to taking notes on a normal paper and a pen/pencil. Even the S-note on the galaxy note/tab is a far cry.

I found the huge pen rather clunky, and the spiral bound notebooks really frustrating. Their software is also rather pitiful compared to Evernote.

There's a livescribe->evernote bridge, though, isn't there?

Yes, there is, last I recall.

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