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Ask HN: Would VC invest to do research?
3 points by jamesjguthrie 1796 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite
Hey guys

I have an idea for a project where either:

quite a bit of scientific research needs to be done first, or;

people need to be paid a lot of money to give me access to their work.

Lots of people have tried the second suggestion and have failed. The engineer that done the original work has now died and his family are unwilling to reveal the secrets behind it. So the only option is to do the research.

If once the research is complete the results are the same as the original work, there will be a ton of money to be made.

I've considered approaching my University about this work but 1) I don't think they can afford the research and 2) I think the University would own the work/potential patents, that's not ideal from a business perspective.

So, would investors put money in to do this research knowing the potential outcome?

Generally most major universities have systems in place for licensing work back to researchers and often have biz dev teams to help researchers spin of research into companies.

In terms of VCs it would depend what sector you're in. In for example clean energy and pharmaceuticals funding research is par for the course, but for a web app you've got little to no chance.

It's internal combustion engine research really. The potential outcome will be massive improvement in thermal efficiency and as such, reduced emissions.

I just comment to follow this conversation, and to give you some traction too :)

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