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You could even make a slider with an animation that displays the percent which goes to each part of your business - so 10% or 15% of the donation could goto administration.

This is a great idea. Check the Humble Bundle's (http://www.humblebundle.com/) sliders at the bottom of the page to see how they handle their "Humble Tip", maybe you guys can do something similar.

I also strongly suggest this humblebundle ui on 'Question 2' on the bottom. This would be ideal... HOWEVER, there also is the possibility you end up having not enough for the patients and plenty for the salaries.

Maybe make it 'what is the max percent you want to see spent on admin cost'. that way you are allowed to use as much as you'd like to for the patient.

We love the "max percent" idea. We've never thought about looking at it that way. Thank you!

Awesome! Glad I could help. Keep us posted. Also, do you have a newsletter of some sorts? I'd like to signup.

This is why HN is such an amazing place. So much helpful feedback, all over. Unbiased. Informative.

Wow, that's an incredible UI

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