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just bought 4 last month (used virtualbox for a lot of stuff, but had some proprietary vmware machines that were a real pain to try to run in vbox). $49 for purchase of vmware fusion 4. Fine. But now... I can upgrade to fusion 5 for $49... or just buy fusion 5 for... $49. Annoying. Yes, it's all in my head, but an upgrade price the same as a 'regular' price leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

If you bought after July 25, then the upgrade is free.


dbl checked - purchased june 18. :(

Would still have liked to see a discount price for upgraders, vs full price.

I found this on their page:

  What if I purchased VMware Fusion 4 before July 25th, 2012?

  Customers who purchased VMware Fusion 4 before July 25th, 
  2012 can upgrade to VMware Fusion 5 Professional for 50% 
  off the regular price or buy a full license of VMware 
  Fusion 5.

URL? I can't find that. Thanks.

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