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I got into Awesome Window Manager a couple of months ago and have been getting to know how to manage remote Vim split windows with the help of NERDTree. A remote in-Vim managed tiling aproach would be cool though. Googling around, there's also https://github.com/fabi1cazenave/suckless.vim which emulates wmii and has "[s]tacked, [d]ivided, [f]ullscreen" modes. I need to learn tabs also. Things can get busy on 1024*768!

awesome wm, urxvt, ssh, tmux, vim, dwm.vim http://i.imgur.com/fC556.png

nerdtree <cr> opens things in the active window, nerdtree i opens a split in the master window, and a dwm.vim focus tidies things up. no fullscreen mode is unhandy though (i've not learnt how to unmaximise from Ctrl-w _ and Ctrl-w | yet).

edit; silly me, doing Ctrl-f now unmaximises the window.

THAT's AWESOME!!! Please file an issue with how you would see the user interface for a fullscreen mode. I'll be happy to add it asap! -> https://github.com/spolu/dwm.vim

done. as noted there, Ctrl-w | Ctrl-w _ to fullscreen does leave the other windows crushed at the edge, but i guess there might be a better method?

Actually I have an idea... CTRL-L goes fullscreen while CTRL-H brings back to tiled mode...

yep, you just navigate where you want and focus

CtrlP + tabbar has done a lot to make this Emacs user tolerate the occasional vim outing.

Wonderful, ta, I'll check them out soon! Links for the lazy yet interested; https://github.com/kien/ctrlp.vim http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1338


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